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Huwashi Hand Tractor


7-Clutch-brake handle
8-Throttle control handle
9-Steering hand grip
10-Traction adapter
11-Driving wheel


Powered by SH185N diesel engine, it’s simple and compact in construction, and light in paddy fields, Ideal for paddy fields, and has the advantage of reliability, long service life, easy and nimble to operate, as well as adaptable.With corresponding implements,the tractor can go on plowing, harrowing, ridging, seeding, fertilizing, harvesting and so on,and it can also transport equipped with a trailer of 0.75 ton,or as fixing power,can be used for threshing,milling
and pumping.



•Basic specification of chassis
Dimensions (mm) 2090x840x1340
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 190
Wheel tread (mm) 500; 550; 600; 650; 700
Driving wheel 6.00-12 (4-ply), tyre pressure 0.14Mpa (14N/cm2)
Turing radius (m) 0.71
Chassis weight (kg) 170
Operating weight (kg) 318
Calculated speed (km/h) at rated engine speed 2200 r.p.m, when the type of driving wheel is 6.00-12 tyre or F110 mm iron wheel, its rolling radius is 0.295m and 0.325m respectively.
•Specification of SH185N diesel engine
Type Single, horizontal, water cooling, 4-stroke
Cylinder bore x piston stroke (mm) 85 x 90
Displacement (cc) 511
Compression ratio 21±1
•Rated output  
12-hour power 5.88 / 8 (kw/hp)
1-hour power 6.47 / 8.8 (kw/hp)
Rated speed (r.p.m) 2200
Cooling system condenser
Starting method hand crank
Operating weight (kg) 96
MODEL S195 Diesel engine
•Principal Technical Specifications
Model S195
Type Single - cylinder, four - stroke, horizontal type
Cylinder bore 95mm
Piston stroke 115mm
1 - hr. rated output 13.2 PS/2000rpm
12 - hr. rated output 12 PS/2000rpm
Piston displacement 0.815 liter
Compression ratio 20:1
B . M . E . P . at 12 - hr. rated output 6.63 kgf/cm2
Specific fuel consumption at 12 - hr. rated output Not greater than 185 g / PS. hr.
Type of cooling Water evaporative
Type of staring Hand cranking
Opening pressure of fuel injector 135 + 5kgf / cm2
Overall dimensions (Length x width x height) 814mm x 480mm x 618mm
Net weight 145 kg